Thursday, December 18, 2008

We are moving!

Since the date of our move is approaching at a fast pace, we decided to provide a map of where our new headquarters will be located in relation to our old building.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Capital Campaign Committee

Honorable Roman S. Gribbs – Co-Chair

Ms. Diane Schoenith – Co-Chair

Mr. Robert Brewster-Brzustewicz

Mr. Dale Jablonski

Dr. Joann Pieronek

Dr. Thaddeus Radzilowski

Ms. Virginia Skrzyniarz

Room Descriptions

Conference Room/Library
A warm, spacious book-lined room which will be used for small conferences, Board meetings and visits with Polish governmental and academic delegations. It will also provide a quiet, attractive room for study and library research.

Research Center
This space at the rear of the building will be configured and equipped to create an efficient environment for research on Poland and Polonia. It will house the Piast U.S. Census Information Center.

The Technology Center
The technology center located near the administration office suite will comprise a compact configuration of the technology necessary to the operation of the Institute in a central location. It will allow the technology to be used efficiently and to be serviced easily.

The Piast Courtyard Garden
The reconfiguration of the building has opened up space for a walled courtyard garden. It will contain casual seating, flowers and plants and be covered with vines to create a pleasing and welcoming environment for hosting visiting dignitaries, holding receptions and ceremonies as well as a place for reflection and relaxation.

The Executive Suite
At the center of the new Piast facility will be new modern offices for the President and Executive Director as well as work space for the Executive Administrator. This space will be the heart of the Institute’s operation and will provide an attractive environment for the Institute’s work and meetings.

The Administrative Suite
The administrative suite of offices will provide a home for the business functions of the Institute as well as the official U.S. Department of Citizenship and Immigration for assistance to immigrants. It will also house workspace for Associates and Fellows of the Institute.

The Piast Dining and Culinary Center
This center will comprise a fully equipped kitchen to prepare and serve food for receptions, sherry hours, etc. as well as a place for cooking classes and demonstrations of the rich Polish culinary tradition. On a daily basis it will also serve as the lunch and break room for staff.

The Reception and Exhibit Center
All visitors to the new Piast Institute will step into a well-appointed reception area that will also serve as a small exhibit area to showcase Polish art, history and culture. A permanent feature of this area will be a wall of honor, which will name and celebrate all those whose contributions made the new Piast Institute a reality.

Historical Pictures of the Pieronek Studio

The New Piast Institute Building

In 1923, Paul Pieronek moved his photography business from Chene Street to Joseph Campau into a new building he built in the growing Polish American center of Hamtramck. From 1923 to 2002, he and his sons recorded the history of the area and the stories of its people in their photographs. In 2007, the Pieronek family donated the building to the Piast Institute for its new national headquarters. When the building is remodeled we will be proud to join our work with the legacy Pieronek family began almost a century ago. We hope you help us make this dream a reality. Let us share with you the features of the Piast building when it is finished with your help.

Naming Opportunities




1.) Library and Conference Center $25,000

2.) Technology Center $20,000

3.) Research Center $15,000

4.) Courtyard Garden $10,000

5.) Polish Culinary Center $10,000

6.) Reception and Exhibit Area $ 5,000

7.) Executive Suite $ 4,000

8.) Administrative Suite $ 3,000

9.) Tree and Decorative Grate $ 2,500

In addition, special recognition will be given for donations to the Furniture Fund and the Art and Book Fund at levels noted below:

10.) Furniture Fund $ 1,000

11.) Art and Book Fund $ 500

For more information on these and other possibilities to have your support for the work of the Piast Institute and your Polish pride suitably recognized and memorialized, please contact Ms. Virginia Skrzyniarz, Executive Director, at 313-664-0321.